Tailored Reliability

Our line of ASCERA products can be fully customized to match your branding needs.

Design Your Cart To Match Your Brand


Proven Durability

ASCERA products represent a paradigm shift for vaping hardware.

Tailor the hardware to your needs.


Technology Meets Lifestyle

It looks great, and it works.

We use Zirconia Ceramics, Viton Gaskets, and Quartz Coils.



Ascera Vape Cartridge Technology

Material Selection

ASCERA Zirconia ceramics are made from the same trusted material utilized across many medical applications.

Because concentrated terpenes are caustic and can act as a solvent, we use Viton gaskets, a chemically resistant elastopolymer created for durability against a wide range of corrosives.

Finally, our high porosity quartz coil wrapped in woven organic unbleached Japanese cotton delivers a clean, smooth and pure flavour.

Ready For Production

Our solutions are turnkey and production ready. Our carts can come pre-racked for the Thompson & Duke ACF1 Filling Machine, or ATG Pharma Filling Systems.

Zirconia ceramic exhibits up to 10x the hardness and strength of conventional ceramics and helps to massively reduce breakage during capping. Our market leading quartz coil delivers a potent head and body high thanks to superior vaporization and uniform heating. Finally, our tanks offer the choice of a Viton gasket upgrade and tight locking lid.

The optional triangular aspiration intake hole offers less lossage for your customers, so they can savor the terpenes to the last drop of oil!

Keeping Ahead of Your Competition

The evolution of the vaping industry is in down-stream value added goods that optimize for accessibility and consumer convenience.

ASCERA’s world leading devices are tailorable to match any viscosity of oil, creating the perfect Brand experience.

Buy with confidence, because our devices are production ready and surpass the most stringent compliance and certification standards in North America.

Use our Cartridge Builder to design an ASCERA cartridge that matches your brands needs and get started today!