The Reasons You Choose The Best Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

1. [anti-cancer] Electronic vapor cigarettes has different parts of ordinary smoke, the cigarette does not burn, no tar and other chemical substances, and removes carcinogens in ordinary smoke, which is beneficial to smokers' health;

2. [Health] Does not contain nitrogen oxide, acrolein, carbon monoxide, lead, hydrocarian acid, arsenic, and mercury, etc., and will not produce "second-hand smoke" harm to others, protect your people around you Health;

3. [Taste] special electronic vapor cigarettes, taste can be completely close to ordinary cigarette type;

4. [Smoke] microcomputer smart chip controls the suction process, completely simulating real smoking, more relaxed in suction, gently sucking, smoke, smoke, smoke;

5. [Cleaning] Microcomputer smart chips automatically detect internal cleaning conditions, automatic cleaning in time, remove trace scale, and ensure that the amount of water is always standard;

6. [Nicotine] All high, medium and low concentrations of nicotine, medium and low concentrations of nicotine are lower than the nicotine amount of ordinary cigarettes, and the design of smart chips while not changed the taste and smoking. Reduce the frequency of smokers and protect smokers;

7. [Certification] Comply with EU CE and RoHS safety certification, it belongs to environmental protection products;

8. [Appearance] Electronic vapor cigarettes have the world's only appearance patent and new practical patent. At present, the products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States and other countries. They are very popular in foreign markets, in the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and other countries have a monopoly agent;

9. [Smoke] There are a wide variety of tastes, and you can match different tastes according to different needs of customers. Specific taste for choice: three flavors of mint tobacco Mabair;

10. [Concentration] The soot has high, medium, low, no four concentrations to choose from, according to their own needs, you can choose different concentrations;

11. [Quit smoking] Electronic cigarettes have gradually reduced the amount of smoke skeleton's nicotine inhalation, so that the demand for nicotine has fallen into zero in unconsciousness, helping to quit smoking people have no painful and unknown to quit smoking.

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